About Us

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Inna has been designing and creating clothing of all types, for all situations for over three decades. After graduating from the Ukrainian State Institute of Fashion and Design, Inna worked as a designer and dressmaker over the next several years. It was this strong entrepreneurial spirit and love of design that she brought with her to Canada which allowed her to develop an exclusive group of clientele. To further her understanding of the fashion industry and what drives consumers to buy fashion, Inna soon graduated from George Brown College as an Image Consultant, where she now consults, designs, and styles her exclusive clients.

No doubt due in great part to Inna’s fantastic talents and encouragement, growing up in such a loving, fashion conscious home, Kirill has always been enchanted by style and design. Even as early as the age of six, Kirill was sewing and creating simple items – under Inna’s watchful and caring supervision. Always having had a great passion for chic clothing and an interest in visual media, Kirill graduated with a Master’s in Media studies from the University of Sydney. Having lived in Melbourne, Australia (arguably the most fashionable city in the southern hemisphere) a creative spark has ignited within him. Kirill has become even more driven and dedicated to making this duo’s dreams of excelling in the fashion industry a strong, successful reality.

Despite having lived so far away from each other for many years, the great geographical distance between them only made their creative bonds stronger, adding the fascinating ability to discover and develop extraordinary designs influenced by many different cultures.

Together they are taking their unique dynamic to the fashion conscious public representing an exclusive, fresh image for women looking for something modern and sophisticated to wear in all social situations.

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